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CD Cannibal Corpse "Eaten Back To Life / Butchered At Birth / Tomb Of The Mutilated" (3 Digibox)
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Производитель: Kattran Records
Год выпуска: 2021
Упаковка: 3CD Digibox

Трек лист:
CD1 "Eaten Back to Life":
1. Shredded Humans
2. Edible Autopsy
3. Put Them To Death
4. Mangled
5. Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
6. Born In A Casket
7. Rotting Head
8. The Undead Will Feast
9. Bloody Chunks
10. A Skull Full Of Maggots
11. Buried In The Backyard

CD2 "Butchered at Birth":
1. Meat Hook Sodomy
2. Gutted
3. Living Dissection
4. Under The Rotted Flesh
5. Covered With Sores
6. Vomit The Soul
7. Butchered At Birth
8. Rancid Amputation
9. Innards Decay

CD3 "Tomb of the Mutilated":
1. Hammer Smashed Face
2. I Cum Blood
3. Addicted To Vaginal Skin
4. Split Wide Open
5. Necropedophile
6. The Cryptic Stench
7. Entrails Ripped From A Virgin’s Cunt
8. Post Mortal Ejaculation
9. Beyond The Cemetery

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